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How To Eliminate your Back and Neck Pain by Changing the Chair you sit in!

The ergonomic kneeling chair actually encourages you to sit with an upright posture, which leaves your back, shoulders and neck aligned correctly. Your hips are in a forward tilt position, which allows you to sit in a more upright way. When we sit at the computer for long stretches of periods hunched over the keyboard we are at high risk of damaging our backs. Doing this makes us more susceptible to strains, headaches and body aches. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Especially if you are in front of the computer working for hours at a time like I am. The ergonomic kneeling chair actually starts to give you the relief you have been looking for all of these years. There is no choice, if your business is on the internet, or your working 8 hours or more a day in front of a computer or desk, why suffer if there is a solution. Nobody wants to feel these aches and pains that's why they designed ergonomics.

Sitting for Long Periods of time Makes Your Back and Shoulders feel Weak. The Ergonomic Knee Chair Can Help.

Believe it or not this weak feeling can be because of your posture, the way that you sit. I am not a doctor so I am in no way telling you that this is the cause of all your back, shoulder or neck pain. But I will tell you about the way that we sit that can cause these types of pain. When you sit in that slumped over way that you sit, your muscles are tighting up to prevent us from falling over. You are basically, working out your muscles, but not in the way that you would want to. Your necks natural position is to go down. This will then cause the shoulders to follow and then of course your back. Doing this leaves you sitting the way that you don't want to be sitting, hunched over. Sitting this way is the cause of the all the pain. Look at it this way, when you work out your muscles work out what happens? They become sore! You also run the risk of straining a muscle when you work out as well, don't you? Yes! Well you run the same risk of straining muscles from sitting the way that you are probably sitting right now as you read this. Neck forward, shoulders pulled down and your back is arched.

Well sit up straight, pick up that neck and keep it straight, keep your back touching the back of the chair, bring those elbows in, and square out those shoulders. It would be nice if you could stay that way, without the need to buy a new chair. Not that it is not possible, but trust me I know how hard it is to sit up straight, that's work enough. You eventually end up feeling worse then you did before, but that's only temporary. You need to train yourself to sit up with good posture and it will take some time to get use too. And most of us don't have the time or the patience to do things like that. This is what the ergonomic kneeling chair does. It's an aid to help you to sit up straight, right away. There is no practice there is no time consuming procedure. It's such a great thing. This ergonomic chair has no back, you sit on it and then there is a cushion that you rest your knee's on. It's unconventional, but very effective. You may look at this ergonomic chair and say to yourself, or maybe even out loud, "This chair can't be what you are raving about!". Well it is! These ergonomic chairs are referred by physical therapists, doctors and ergonomists. I would highly suggest taking a test drive on this ergonomic chair. You may just be as surprised as I was, and you may just find the relief you have been wishing for. You have nothing to lose but the nagging pain in your back, neck or shoulders, by checking into it.

So go and start searching for this ergonomic kneeling chair. I would suggest that you come to your own conclusion from your own research, but I can almost guarantee that you will be as amazingly and delightfully surprised, just like I was and still am. For once you need to invest in something that will help you to feel better. It's not a selfish act if the ultimate goal is to have a clear mind to accomplish your goals of the day, pain free. Something that will give you the relief that you have been searching for even if you didn't know it was going to be in a chair. Now stop with those hand-me-downs from your family and friends, splurge on for your own chair this time. I believe that your office chair is the most important piece of furniture in your office; this is not an area that you want to skimp out on. Think about it you spend on average 7 hours a day in your chair, 35 hours a week if you work only a 5 day week. That's an awful lot of sitting. So take your friends filing cabinets, your brother's printing stand, but pass on the brown leather executive chair, and get yourself into an ergonomic office chair, preferably the ergonomic knee chair.

What is ergonomics? And the reason we need them.

Ergonomic is (also known as human factors engineering), is the science of refining the design of products to optimize them for human use. Basically ergonomic chairs are designed to fit your body type, your size and designed to make you comfortable. Ergonomic was intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. So why would you want to go with any other chair, but the ergonomic chair. It would be crazy if you did.

Nobody wants to work, but we don't really have a choice. Do we? So choosing an ergonomic chair will make the time, well... less painful. I can not ask this enough, "Why suffer if you don't have too?" Ergonomic chairs offer many adjustments that can make the chair just right for your needs and your body. These ergonomic chairs are well designed to support your body and does not restrict your movement, with built in pressure points for the best support possible. The seat and back offer much support that is necessary for your back and lower limb, without this you will suffer from lower back and shoulder pain. People have been known to get migraines from the bad posture due to the lack of proper support.

Sitting with good posture without the ergonomic knee chair is possible. Just relax your shoulders, keep your wrists straight, your legs must remain in contact with your seat, your feet must be on the floor (both of them) at all times, your back will have to touch the chair's back, keep your elbows at right angle's while typing (this will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome), your upper arm's and elbow's need to remain close to your body, and your head and neck must be straight. It's not an easy task as I have mentioned before, but these are effect techniques. At first it will feel weird sitting this way but with some practice this will become a natural way of sitting, and your back, neck, and shoulder pain will be a thing of your past.

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