Saturday, May 21, 2005

Why is Muscle Activation Techniques so Successful?

By Rich Lauro

MAT is described as the missing link to the fitness and rehab industry because it fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle to every other therapy out there and makes them all work dramatically better.

To effectively correct muscular imbalances, the practitioner must be able to identify were the dysfunction is originating from. The practitioner uses a systematic process of eliminating dysfunction and communication deficits throughout the whole body. A single muscle can have many causes inhibiting its function, so many things need to be tested and looked at.

The muscular system is biomechanically connected from head to toe. If you have low-back pain, the muscular components involved can range from the lower leg to the shoulder muscles. As MAT practitioner we realize the problem is not only in the symptomatic area.

The goal of MAT is to normalize function so that a normal foundation can be set so that message, physical therapy, exercise, and chiropractic will be more beneficial.

Have you ever had a message that relieved your pain-but only lasted for a few hours, before the pain came back even after repeated sessions. This is why the MAT program makes sense.

It corrects the dysfunction first so that the benefits that massage offers will actually last. The final phase is specific movement therapy and exercises. It only makes sense to do this after muscle function has been restored.

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