Saturday, May 21, 2005

So...What is Muscle Activation Techniques?

By Rich Lauro MAT, MES

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) is a biomechanically-based system that identifies and corrects neuromuscular imbalances that cause muscle pain and or joint pain. Muscle Activation Techniques look at the body's mechanics to make sure all muscles are functioning properly.

Muscle Activation Techniques(MAT) is a safe, powerful tool that can be used as an adjunct to many other modalities... including chiropractic, physical therapy, athletic trainers and personal trainers.

Muscle Activation Techniques(MAT) can assure these practitioners that there are no weak links in the muscular system that will cause the body to compensate.

Muscle Activation Techniques prepare your body regardless of the type of physical, tennis, weight training, or simply walking up stairs. The MAT procedure addresses the weak links, thereby allowing the body to function most efficiently while minimizing pain.

Whether you are an athlete, youth playing sports, baby boomer or senior, Muscle Activation Techniques will dramatically reduce muscle and joint pain. MAT will also increase range of motion, stability, strength and flexibility.

The MAT evaluation has a checks and balances system. That allows the practitioner to recheck his work to make sure all muscular imbalances are corrected along with increased range of motion, stability, and strength.

I've been studying and utilizing Muscle Activation Techniques(MAT) with my clients for the past 18 months and have some compelling success stories. Many clients have improved so quickly, they have been able to avoid pending surgery.

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