Saturday, May 21, 2005

"Isometric Exercise And Muscle Activation Technique"

By Rich Lauro MAT, MES

Muscle Activation Technique incorporates isometric exercise because it is a simple but very effective method for strengthening muscles, thus aiding in injury recovery and prevention of future sports injuries.

Muscle Activation Technique solves several problems that weight lifting and other activities do not solve:

Problem #1: A weak muscle will not contract with most strengthening exercises because dominant muscles will compensate for weak muscles.

Problem #2: When the body senses instability in the joint, it will tighten up to protect the joint. Stretching a tight muscle will only create a temporary release and could result in a more vulnerable joint.

Problem #3: Muscle imbalances may occur through repetitive use of the same muscle, or through injury, causing the body to go into "protective" mode. Muscle imbalances can be observed in gait or in everyday activities.

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