Friday, May 20, 2005

How MAT Can Benefit High School Athletes

How MAT Can Benefit High School Athletes
By Rich Lauro MAT, MES Muscle Activation Techniques make sure your childÂ’s body is functioning at its maximum level, while preventing overuse injuries that can happen in extreme ranges of motion. MAT identifies and corrects weak links in the body, making sure your child has strength and stability throughout his or her entire range of motion. While sports injuries are a hazard for children, the benefits of participation in athletics far outweigh the potential danger. On and off the field, sports provide a positive environment in which children can learn lessons that will serve them well in the future. Developing self-discipline, learning about teamwork and competition, dealing with success and failure, and learning how to take certain risks. Involving children in sports also helps to foster a lifelong interest in health and physical fitness. But before children begin participating in sports, both them and their parents should understand what risks are involved and how to manage those risks. Many sports injuries are preventable. By learning about the risks and then taking a few simple precautions to avoid them, young athletes and their parents can help ensure that sports participation is a safe and rewarding experience. Learn more about MAT and how it can prevent your child from being injured. MAT will make sure all of their muscles are functioning properly.The MAT program combined with a specialized sports conditioning program will help prevent your child from serious sports injuries, increase performance levels so your child be the best they can be. For more information about Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) visit

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