Friday, May 20, 2005

How MAT Can Benefit Golfers

How MAT Can Benefit Golfers
By Rich Lauro MAT, MES The swing is one of the most complicated movements the body performs. The swing is all about timing, and having the club and the body in the right position at the right time. MAT can ensure that the muscles are firing in the correct sequence for maximum efficiency. MAT is a great adjunct to your golf game. Did you know that the forces your body absorbs during a full golf swing are enough to fracture your spine? If your playing in pain don’t feel bad, even the top professionals play with some type of injury or pain. Is pain preventing you from playing your favorite sport? MAT combined with a specialized golf program designed specifically for you will not only improve your game, it will help prevent injuries and speed up your recovery time to get you back in the game the way you were meant to be, PAIN-FREE. Even the best golfers need a coach to challenge them. Tiger woods even uses a coach. Why shouldn’t you? Muscle Activation Techniques has helped many golfers and other competitive athletes dramatically improve their game, prevent injuries and extend there playing careers. Many of the "golf fitness" programs available today, put golfers on a generalized "fitness program" designed without an understanding of the specific needs of the golfer. Often times, golfers participating in these programs perform exercises, which actually do nothing to improve their performance, or WORSE, negatively affect a golfers ability to play his best golf. My golf conditioning program is based on the Muscle Activation Technique. For more information about Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) visit

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