Saturday, May 21, 2005

"How Is MAT Different From Other Forms Of Therapy?"

By Rich Lauro MAT, MES

Muscle Activation Techniques treats the cause of pain not just the symptom.
MAT uses precision muscle testing, palpation, and reinforcement exercises.
Corrects muscle imbalances instead of covering up the pain with medication.
Addresses the weak muscles rather than the tight ones.
Treats muscle attachments rather than muscle bellies.
Unlike other therapy methods, treatment programs or exercise routines that view muscle tightness as the primary factor in pain and injury.

MAT views muscle tightness as the body's natural protection mechanism that is activated when the brain detects an unstable joint. Simply stretching, massaging or manipulating the joint in order to release tightness does not get at the root of the problem.

MAT directly addresses the dysfunctional muscles responsible for joint instability and restores normal joint function by eliminating the body's need for muscle tightness without overriding its important protective mechanism.

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